We execute following types of fabrication jobs for plant maintenance as well as project works with the help of team of experienced staff.

  • Fabrication and Erection of M.S. Boiler Steam & Other, S.S., AS piping (Under ground as well as above ground)
  • Fabrication and erection of structural.
  • Fabrication and erection of Tanks, Vessels etc.
  • Fabrication, erection and Tap coating of fire hydrant under/above ground piping.
  • Installation of Internals of Columns/Towers, Reactors, Vessels.
  • Erection of equipments.
  • Fabrication and erection of Ducting of any size from MS, GI, SS, material.
  • Project commissioning activities of new plant Static and Rotary equipments as well as post shutdown-commissioning activities.
  • Installation and commissioning of all rotary equipments like pumps, compressors, turbines, conveyor systems, Gear box etc.
  • Blinding/de blinding as per process requirement for plant start up.
  • Piping works and modification works of piping, structural etc.
  • Hydro testing/leak testing of entire system.
  • Providing Manpower crew for commissioning activities.
  • Heat Exchanger : Opening, cleaning by Roding, Brushing, Hydroblasting and Hydro testing of Heat Exchanger.
  • Column : Opening of Man ways, removal, Re-fixing of trays, tray manways Pall Rings/Rasching Ring/ Saddles and Hydro test.
  • Vessels/ Sphere : Opening, Scaffolding, Cleaning, Internals Removal and hydro test also testing as per requirement of SMPV.
  • Reactor : Opening, cleaning, unloading loading of Various types of catalyst and pressure test.
  • Heater/ Furnaces : Opening of Man doors, Internal Scaffolding Overhauling of Burners, External tube cleaning, replacement of hanger supports, tube replacement, maint. Of APH Cleaning etc.
  • Valves : Removal/ Refixing of all type of valves And Overhauling.
  • Pumps : Repairing/ Overhauling of all types of Pumps.
  • Compressor : Overhauling, Erection and alignment of Compressor and Motor.
  • Cooling Tower : Replacement of Fan and Gear Box Assembly.

We undertake planned/ unplanned plant shut down maintenance assignment. We also undertake job of erection of any type of equipment

Our is a approved and registered IBR (Indian Boilers Regulations ) firm under Reg.392 of IBR 1950 as Boiler/Economizer Erector and Boiler/Economizer repairer and also Steam/feed pipe lines Fabricator/ Erector under special class category. We execute following jobs.

  • Annual Inspection, Cleaning and Hydro test of all types of Boilers.
  • Tube Replacement of Boilers, Re boiler, Heat Exchangers, Furnaces/Heaters.
  • Repairing of all types of Boilers.
  • Fabrication and Erection and testing of steam piping systems.

We execute the orders to supply manpower for day-to day plant maintenance works of Turbine, Compressor and Pumps etc. as well as operation related manpower as and when required.

We also provide senior experienced staff like Mechanical Supervisor, Mechanical Engineer for project as well as turn around shutdown jobs.

We also provide Skilled, Semiskilled and Unskilled manpower like Pipe fitter, Welder (CS & SS), Maintenance fitter, Riggers, helpers, Millwright fitter, Grinders, Gas cutter etc. as and when required.

We also undertake process related job like,

  • Cleaning of various types of Vessels.
  • Bagging of finish Product like filling, stitching and stacking of Bags.
  • Charging of various chemicals, loading of catalyst in Vessels/Rectors.
  • Cleaning of cooling towers and nozzle cleaning job.
  • Air filters cleaning.